Optik32 Optical

Welcome to Optik32, our optical center that proudly carries forward our founding legacy of high quality and unique eyewear since 1932. Below you can learn about the American and European frame brands that we carry, in addition to our ophthalmic lenses made by Shamir.

​​​​​​​Shamir Ophthalmic Lenses

Shamir lenses distinguish themselves from other lenses on the market with their advanced technology and innovation.

  • One of Shamir's notable innovations is their EyePoint Technology®. This technology helps create a lens that provides clear, distortion-free vision for the wearer, no matter where they look through the lens.

  • Shamir's Autograph Intelligence™ Progressive is a revolutionary lens design that adapts to the wearer's visual habits and personalizes the lens to optimize vision across varying viewing distances.

  • Shamir lenses offer a personalized, high-tech solution that pushes the boundaries of what glasses can do for your vision.

​​​​​​​Designer Frames

Our onsite optical offers a vast selection of over 1000 frames, including designer and American-made options, with prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect pair.


Discover the athlete within, with Nike's innovative eyewear. Engineered for maximum performance, Nike glasses leverage cutting-edge materials and precision design for a secure, comfortable fit. Iconic style and durability are at the core of the brand.

Kate Spade

Show off your femininity with Kate Spade's elegant eyewear collection. A combination of vintage-inspired designs with a modern twist, these glasses are an ideal match for the fashion-conscious woman. Kate Spade brings a dash of glamour to your everyday look with playful patterns and distinguished colors.


Boldly express yourself with Ray-Ban's classic eyewear. Noted for their iconic designs and unmatched craftsmanship, Ray-Ban glasses have consistently been the preferred choice for trendsetters and celebrities. The brand has personified cool since 1937.


Adventure awaits with Oakley's high-performance eyewear. With advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, Oakley glasses are designed to endure the most challenging conditions. Confidence in the great outdoors comes easy with Oakley's assured protection.


Crafted with pride in Chicago, State eyewear is a blend of artisanal craftsmanship and modern design. Every pair of glasses is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and timeless style. State offers distinct, sophisticated eyewear for a unique style statement.

Scott Harris

Be prepared to turn heads with Scott Harris's innovative and stylish eyewear. A mix of bold colors and sleek, contemporary lines define these glasses, an excellent choice for those who enjoy standing out. Scott Harris encourages individuality with their distinctive eyewear.


The perfect balance of style and utility emerges in Cinzia's striking eyewear. Created for the modern, stylish woman, Cinzia glasses offer comfort and versatility. The striking patterns and unique designs of their collection introduce a fashionable flair to your look.

Cote d'Azure

Immerse in the glamour of the French Riviera with Cote d'Azure's luxurious eyewear. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean's sun-kissed shores, these glasses resonate elegance and style. Cote d'Azure enriches your style with its rich colors and refined designs.

Robert Marc

Dive into luxury with Robert Marc's handcrafted eyewear. The fusion of modern design with traditional craftsmanship defines these glasses as a beacon of elegance and style. The brand's exquisite detailing and superior quality is worth the recognition.


Witness the union of timeless elegance and German engineering in Lunor's exquisite eyewear collection. Their minimalist design and unmatched craftsmanship make Lunor glasses a fitting choice for the discerning individual. Lunor's understated elegance reflects your refined taste.

Etnia Barcelona

Bring out your artistic side with Etnia Barcelona's vibrant and eclectic eyewear. Inspired by the city's rich artistic heritage, these glasses are a haven for creativity lovers. Etnia Barcelona's bold colors and innovative designs set you apart from the crowd.


Capture the essence of New York style with Coach's timeless eyewear collection. The brand's iconic designs and exceptional craftsmanship make Coach glasses an ideal accessory for the modern woman. Coach mirrors classic elegance and contemporary flair.


Ignite your rebellious spirit with Converse's edgy eyewear. These glasses, designed for the young and the young-at-heart, are an anthem for those who dare to be different. Converse's iconic street style blends bold colors and unique designs to create a truly cool look.

Nine West

Stay fashion-forward with Nine West's stylish and versatile eyewear. Inspired by the latest trends, these glasses suit the modern woman who appreciates style and comfort. Nine West's chic designs and eye-catching patterns enhance your look.


Capture the spirit of adventure with Nautica's nautical-inspired eyewear. Designed for sea lovers, these glasses resonate with the explorer at heart. Nautica's commitment to quality and style is apparent in their collection.

Under Armour

Stay ahead with Under Armour's performance-driven eyewear. These glasses, built for the modern athlete, are designed to keep pace with an active lifestyle. Innovation and durability are integral to the brand's ethos.


Experience California's surf culture with OP's laid-back eyewear. Their iconic beach vibes infused glasses are perfect for the sun-loving individual. OP's cool designs represent effortless style.


Enjoy the harmony of classic style and modern design with Chesterfield's refined eyewear. These glasses, designed for the discerning gentleman, embody elegance and sophistication. Chesterfield's quality and timeless design are worth noting.

Betsey Johnson

Brighten your life with Betsey Johnson's vibrant and whimsical eyewear. Known for her bold patterns and playful designs, Betsey Johnson glasses are for those who love making a statement.


Explore the perfect balance of form and function with Safilo's skillfully crafted eyewear. Their glasses, with a rich history of Italian design and craftsmanship, are the epitome of style. Safilo's commitment to quality enhances your eyewear collection.